We are flooded with parenting resources – books, web sites, blogs, forums, magazines and TV programs. But who can you trust when the so-called experts adamantly disagree? You can trust God’s instructions found in the Bible, and Linda Stahnke skillfully integrates those Biblical principles with practical daily living. Whether you are a new parent, veteran parent or grandparent, INTENTIONAL PARENTING is a resource you will turn to again and again.
Joann Condie

RN, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

[Intentional Parenting is] a labor of love and the work of years of experience with God and children. It has a creative way of weaving the why’s and the how’s together. I love the way that it is indexed so well that a mother can just look up the section of her particular need. I love the lists of skills for various ages, and was particularly thankful that you shared your journey with your “prodigal.” I wish every young mother could have this book.
Phyllis Stanley

author and teacher

One of the biggest problems most of us parents have is that our kids didn’t come with the instruction manual attached! Linda Stahnke has done us a wonderful favor to supply that crucial need.

Written from a wealth of personal experience, she shares from her heart an abundance of practical knowledge, compassionate support, and Biblical wisdom to guide us through the complexities and challenges of parenthood. I highly recommend this fantastic and helpful book!

Rev. Jared Pingleton

Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist Director of Counseling Services, Focus on the Family, author of Making Magnificent Marriages

My dad bought this book for me recently, and I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for writing such an invaluable resource. I just finished reading it yesterday and was greatly encouraged by it! I have three children ages 5, 3 and 1 and as you remember, it is such a busy time. I felt empowered as a parent after reading your book and feel like my husband and I now have some great tools to add to our parenting arsenal.

My mom passed away when my oldest was not quite two years old, and I have often wished she was here to ask for parenting advice. I felt like your book spoke very similarly to how my mom would have advised me and reminded me of a lot of the ways that I was raised. It’s such a blessing to see how the Lord uses others to fill needs in our lives. Thank you so much for this valuable resource!

K. Feeney

The title, INTENTIONAL PARENTING, is descriptively named since is all about being present for your child during those maturing years. It is not just another parenting perspective, but it explores God’s design based in the reality of today’s culture.

Linda Stahnke combines valid research findings with practical implementation. Her style of writing has an encouraging flavor that gives parents hope and practical guidance for being that intentional parent.

Betty Jordan


The Intentional Parenting material was a great resource for family goals, discipleship, values, and traditions. The information provided a great blueprint on how to prepare a child for their future with a strong spiritual background and faith. Linda provides practical ideas based on raising her family from home schooling to discipline to ways to make camping and holidays more memorable and how dads can be involved in parenting.

Intentional Parenting class attendee